What Is The Strangest Sounding Thing You Would Do For A living?

2. What would your ideal workday be like?
What would your ideal workday be like? Quiet Amusing Fast paced Dangerous Predictable

3. How good are you at explaining things to others?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

Invisible Net Maker
The strange sounding job you would have is invisible net maker! We get it, how does one make invisible nets? That's the challenge! You love a good problem to solve and what's a greater problem than creating nets that are invisible. Your innovation and creativity will be put to the test for sure!

Electric Bath Attendent
The strange sounding job that you would have is electric bath attendant. What's an electric bath attendant exactly? That's part of the fun! You're part bathroom attendant savant part entertainer. It's your job to entertain the bathroom masses with your wit and charm.

Grape Dryer
Your strange sounding job is professional grape drier! If you're someone who craves a bit of routine, this is the job for you. Sure, drying thousands of grapes might not be the most enthralling work, but it's stable, predicable, and aids in making wine. What could be more important than that!?

Turnip Shepherd
Your strange sounding job is turnip shepherd! Hey, someone needs to shepherd the turnips, might as well be you. You're job is to harvest and finesse the turnips so that they reach peak growth. Then you farm the turnips and take them to market. Your job is highly important.

Snake Milker
Your strange sounding job is snake milker! We think you crave a bit of danger and unpredictability in your life. What's more unpredictable than the life of a snake milker? Everyday you run the risk of being bitten by a snake. Everyday that you don't is a small win for you. Such a cool job!