What Kind Of Driver Are You?

1. Do you consider yourself to be an aggressive or defensive driver?
Do you consider yourself to be an aggressive or defensive driver? Aggressive Defensive In between

2. How often do you find yourself passing others?
How often do you find yourself passing others? Changing lanes is my game Probably too often When they're going to slow Hardly ever

Here are all the results with descriptions

Excellent Driver
There's no doubt about it, you are an excellent driver! You're never too aggressive or too defensive, rather you know how to judge any driving situation with logic and street smarts. You follow all the rules and never put yourself at risk by driving with distractions. We'd take a road trip with you any day!

Good Driver
You are an unquestionably good driver! No matter what situation your daily commute finds you in, you handle it with logic and intelligence. You always take your time when driving and never let aggression or road rage take a hold. You're a smart driver who always uses both hands and never drivers distractedly.

Average Driver
You are an average driver! Okay, like most of us, you can get a bit aggressive behind the wheel. You also like to go above the speed limit whenever you feel you can get away with doing so. We can't fault you for that. Your driving is decidedly average. We think that's a good thing to be when it comes to driving.

Subpar Driver
You are a subpar driver! When it comes to driving, you may need to brush up on the law, because you're breaking a few. While your secret is safe with us, you might want to consider following the rules of the road and taking it a bit easier. Driving is not a competition, it's a journey.

Okay Driver
You are an okay driver! While your driving skills are overall great, you tend to let yourself get distracted by phone calls, the radio, and the scenery. Combine that with your love of speeding and driving with you can feel like a bit of a thrill ride. Take it easy and drive safely friend!