Where Will You Move To In One Year?

2. Which activity appeals to you most?
Which activity appeals to you most? Surfing Hiking Rock-climbing Fishing Shopping Kayaking Horseback riding

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What better place to live than a place filled with sunshine and friendly people? You can spend your days driving along the ocean and soaking up that bright sun. There's plenty for you to in this beautiful region.

North West
This region filled with plenty of nature is the region that's calling your name. You want to stay close to nature and experience everything it has to give to you. Whether you're exploring the majestic forests or skiing down the mountains, you're sure to fall in love with this region.

South West
You feel at home whenever you're in the country and that's why this region is perfect for you. It boasts exotic locations and landscape which you'll definitely fall in love with.

There's no other region more perfect for you than the mid-west. This region has a rustic charm about it with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. It also holds all four season for you to experience and enjoy.

South East
You have an appetite for good food and good music and that's exactly what you'll find in this region. With the beautiful warm weather and plenty of outdoor activities, you'll surely be in for the time of your life.

This is a region that will definitely grab your heart when you view it. There's plenty to do in this region especially if you view New York City. You'll never run out of activities or opportunities in this region.

North East
This is a region with a ton of history and interesting people. The northeast has plenty of prominent cities and you're sure to find exciting opportunities. You can enjoy your life lit up by the city lights or spend your days outdoors in the fields.