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You are in your element where other people flounder. People have probably commented on your unusual potential, even from a young age. You were made to achieve goals that others simply can't.

You have a striking combination of passion and poise. While everything you do is an expression of your passion, each move is also deliberately calculated. People sometimes mistake you for a free-spirit; in reality, you are highly focused and always under control.

You are an old soul, and you don't even try to conform yourself to modern times. Instead, you have carved out a niche in the twenty-first century to accommodate your longing for more elegant times.

Beach volleyball
You are a very social person; you value sunshine and fun. Although you are usually the life of the party, you can turn scarily protective if anyone threatens one of your pals.

Wanderlust might as well be your middle name. You are determined to see the world, and you have an independent streak that will prevent anyone from tying you down.

You are free-spirited and quirky. You don't set out to defy norms, but you tend to stumble into odd interests just by being yourself. People are generally accepting of your quirks; your bubbly spirit wins them over.