What Are Your Best Character Traits?

1. How would you say your self-confidence is?
How would you say your self-confidence is? It's pretty low I'm working on it It's pretty high

2. Do you say whatever is on your mind?
Do you say whatever is on your mind? Of course Sometimes I do Not at all

3. How easily do you usually make new friends?
How easily do you usually make new friends? Pretty easily It takes a bit I don't make friends easily ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Strong, Loyal And Affectionate
Your best traits make you a great friend and lover. You take awhile to open up to others but once you do, you stay by their side forever. You will do anything to make sure you're loved ones are safe and happy. Your friends and family know that once you trust them, you will always shower them with affection.

Outgoing, Charming, Confident
You have no trouble making new friends or making others feel loved and important. You can easily chat up any person that crosses your path. You like to be out on the down socializing and having fun. You don't always say what's on your mind but you do say what you think others would love to hear.

Brave, Strong, Resilient
You've went through a lot in your life and you've become an incredibly strong individual because of it. You don't let the little things get you down and you keep fighting even if the odds don't seem in your favor. You'll reach your goal no matter what obstacles stand in your way.

Kind, Quiet, Loving
You have an ability to make everyone who meets you feel important and loved. You always see the good in people and have a rather optimistic outlook on life. You're always willing to go out of your way to help someone in need even if it means sacrificing something.

Bold, Friendly, Determined
You know exactly what you want from life and you won't stop until you get it. You're a bold individual and you have no problem saying what's on your mind, even if it can come off a bit harsh. Because of your honest attitude, you have no trouble being friendly and making new friends.