Which Makeup Trend Best Suits You?

Ever wondered what makeup trend you should actually try? Find out right here!

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1. Do you like to illuminate a room?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

A Contour Girl
You're a trendy girl, the trendiest of trendy, in fact. Obviously, you'd love to contour! You like the idea of a chiseled jawline, nose, and cheekbones. Just make sure not to overdo it! Use powder, easily blendable, for a more natural look. Or just bust out the contour kit! Ensure you have a blender on hand though--that's a must!

A Falsie Girl
You love some good drama, sultry eyes, and old-world charm. Anything out of a fantasy movie or classic makeup. You'd benefit from false eyelashes, which make women look more dramatic, and sultry, in two easy steps! Just make sure you don't skip the eyeliner, as that helps hide the obvious adhesive line.

An Eyebrow-Game Girl
You either have thin or patchy eyebrows, and you absolutely hate it. Good thing you're not alone! Everyone knows eyebrows change your entire face, so you should invest in a brow kit. Pomade or powder, whatever you choose, make sure to seal it all up with CLEAR mascara, to keep everything in place. Oh, and use two colors: a lighter shade first and a darker one to fill in more problematic areas. Don't overdo it!

A Strobing Kind of Girl
You want to illuminate the room and draw attention to your ridiculously gorgeous cheekbones! Who wants to stop at contouring when you can strobe?! You'd benefit from getting an illuminating powder, a flat winged brush, and a blender sponge. Just get a little powder on the brush, tap the excess off, apply to the top half of the cheekbones, and blend out the excess. Voila! For an added touch of trend, get a rainbow illuminator.

A Vampy Girl
You're all about some dark reads, edgy clothing, and sexy makeup. In fact, you're more of a dark seductress and should pause 'The Cure' for some realistic girl talk: You need vampy makeup--ASAP. A dark red lip, like burgundy, will appeal to you, along with a winged liner (try liquid, not pencil). Some muted, blended, gray eyeshadow and really good mascara finish the look! For added effect, a little contouring never hurt anyone. And done! Now you can go get your first unsuspecting victim.

A Starry-Eyed Girl
You're a girl that loves to shine, but the cheekbone thing isn't your cup of tea. Try a little glitter on the eyelids, and you're set. Pink, bronze, blue, purple, and even white glitter are all trendy! Just make sure to keep it clean and away from the rest of your face!