Are You Too Dependent On Your Family?

1. How many siblings do you have?
How many siblings do you have? I'm an only child Just one Two Three Four or more

2. Are you parents still currently married?
Are you parents still currently married? Yes No It's complicated

3. As a teenager, did you have a summer job?
As a teenager, did you have a summer job? Absolutely Once or twice I never had a summer job ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Extremely Dependent
You're extremely dependent on your family! Family is everything to you. Their opinions, support, and general confidence in you are everything. You don't like to make any big decisions or life changes before consulting with your family, especially if they could be effected! Your family truly comes first.

Very Dependent
You're very dependent on your family! As your main support system, you've come to rely on your family for almost everything. When you need advice or a solid opinion, you'd never go to a friend before you'd go to your family. In your opinion, family always knows best!

Somewhat Dependent
You're somewhat dependent on your family! Like so many of us, family is the greatest support system that you have. When you need a confidence boost or simply need to feel loved, you take to your family for help. Despite this, you've still got an independent side. You know when you need to make a decision for yourself and when you should consult your family.

Dependent Sometimes
You're dependent on your family sometimes! Growing up, you were always a bit of a lone wolf. While you loved your family and appreciated their support, you always had a tendency to strike out on your own. When times are tough, you're not to proud to consult your family, but for the most part you're an independent individual!

Totally Independent
You are totally independent! While you love your family, you simply don't need them involved in every aspect of your life. Part of adulthood is taking what your family taught you as a child and using it to evolve into a great person. You know that you can't rely on your family forever, you simply need to take what you've been taught and use it to grow on your own!