What Should Be Written On Your Tombstone?

1. Would you describe yourself as a risk taker?
Would you describe yourself as a risk taker? Definitely Occasionally Never

2. Do you tend to follow your gut or follow logic?
Do you tend to follow your gut or follow logic? I follow my gut I go with logic It depends on the situation

Here are all the results with descriptions

Once Met, Never Forgotten
Your tombstone should read, "Once met, never forgotten!" You've always had a lasting and amazing impression on everyone you've ever met. No one has ever forgotten you or your unique personality. You truly touch every life you encounter!

Generous Of Heart, Constant Of Faith
Your tombstone should read, "Generous of heart, constant of faith!" You've always been a truly generous and selfless person who puts others first. You've never put your own needs above the needs of a friend or family member. Your loving nature not only made you unique, but highly inspirational. Marry that with your faith, and you'll never be forgotten!

An Inspiration To All
Your tombstone should read, "An inspiration to all!" You've never let setbacks or trials get you down. In fact, you've always risen from the ashes to inspire those around you to be strong and keep moving forward. When you die, you'll be remembered for your strength and interminable determination to keep on keeping on.

A Long Life Well Lived
Your tombstone should read, "A long life well lived!" You've always been a curious person with a love of adventure and exploration. You've never wasted a single day of your life being bored or simply killing time. Every minute has been well spent.

Love In Every Gesture
Your tombstone should read, "Loe in every gesture!" Every move you make is influenced by love and kindness. You're a totally selfless individual who can't help but impart good will towards everyone you meet and every decision you make. You'll always be remembered for your selfless kind nature!