What Word Describes You In The 70s World?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Far Out
You love to do really cool things that are 'far out,' that includes visiting a club [disco] to 'shake a leg' from time to time and dressing your best. You are super-cool, chill and all the rave [awesome.]

You are really attractive and it's easy for you to grab the attention of the opposite sex. You have sex-appeal and curvy in all the right places. You're a brick-house!

You're the coolest of the cool and people love to be around you. You're all about the peace and will do anything to maintain peace and serenity around you. You love to go to places that are far-out and exotic. You're groovy!

Jelly Brain
You're the most relaxed person amongst your group of friends. You're not grounded and you'll do whatever it takes to be in high in the clouds. You're not that much fun to be around and can be selfish at times. You're a Jelly Brain!

You're the comedian of the group! You love to have fun, joke around and overall, have a good time. People love being around you because you'll give them a good laugh. You're 'dyn-o-mite!'