What Apocalyptic Event Would You Survive?

The apocalypse is coming! Will you survive? Find out by taking our fun quiz. (But don't take us too seriously!)

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2. Which of these sports has the most appeal for you?
Martial arts Target shooting Fencing Archery Quilting

3. How long would you survive on what you have stored in your house?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

an alien invasion.
From War of the Worlds to Independence Day, we are obsessed with the idea of an alien society arriving in giant ships and invading Earth. Will it happen? No one knows, but your answers suggest that you would be just fine if the mothership lands. You keep a cool head in a crisis and have the diplomatic skills and brilliant strategic thinking that will allow you to infiltrate the alien race and save the world.

global nuclear war.
Possibly the most realistic of any apocalyptic event, one crazy dictator with their finger on the button and boom goes modern civilization. Survivors of the blast will face rebuilding society in a poisoned world caught in the grip of a nuclear winter. Your first aid training and wilderness survival skills will make you not only a successful survivor, but a leader for the post nuclear world.

a zombie apocalypse.
'They are coming to get you, Barbra!' Horror movies past and present show our fascination with the undead. There are real life parasites that control their host. Is the chance of one mutating to invade and control the human species really that far-fetched? But even if a real zombie apocalypse happens, you do not need to worry. Your answers tell us that you are not going to end up as dinner. In fact, you are quick thinking, tough, and determined to survive. Plus, you are pretty handy with explosives and have a really, really strong stomach!

a global outbreak of killer disease.
Ebola, Swine Flu, Zika...There is always a new global epidemic to fear, and chances are that one of these days we are going to encounter a deadly virus that we just cannot control. If this happens, we are counting on you to get out there and save the world. Your super healthy lifestyle means that you are more likely to be immune or survive the disease, and your leadership skills and desire to help others show that you are not staying home. You will travel the country helping to create a new super society of disease resistant people.

a massive solar eruption.
Imagine if all communications devices suddenly died--no phones, no internet, no computers, possibly even no power at all. This is the scenario if the earth is hit by a powerful solar flare, but you might not care. In fact, you might not even notice right away. You use electronics, but you are definitely not dependent on them and would be just fine if society suddenly reverted to the stone age.

a super volcano eruption.
The Yellowstone Super Volcano erupts and most of the United States is blanketed in thick ash. Worse, clouds of dust block the sun, causing a fierce, year round winter. Crops burn or freeze in the fields, cars are useless, and roads are impassable. Thank goodness you were prepared! Right now your friends and neighbors may secretly laugh at your cellar full of supplies and stockpile of weapons. But when disaster strikes, you are going to be safe in your shelter, while others roam the frozen landscape fighting for food.