Which TV Doctor Could You Be Based On Your Personality?

1. Would you ever consider dating a patient?
Would you ever consider dating a patient? No way I'd consider it The heart wants what it wants

3. Are you affected by gore or blood?
Are you affected by gore or blood? Yes No Sometimes ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Gregory House
Based on your personality, you could be Dr. Gregory House! Though you may be a bit cynical and dry, no one can outsmart you. Not only can you quickly solve problems without issue, but you do so in a way that leaves those around you in total awe.

Hawkeye Pierce
Based on your personality you are most like Hawkeye Pierce of M.A.S.H.! You're a goofball who loves to make people smile as you nurse them back to health. You understand that sometimes in medicine, laughter is truly the best remedy.

Doogie Howser
Based on your personality, the TV doctor you're most like is Doogie Howser! You're a prodigy who can quickly quantify and solve any problem thrown your way. Though you may lack experience, you're a quick learner with a love of working under pressure.

Cristina Yang
Based on your personality you're most like Cristina Yang of Grey's Anatomy! Much like Dr. Yang, you don't put up with anyone's drama. You know who you are and what you want, which not only makes you a great doctor, but a great friend as well.

Meredith Grey
Based on your personality, you're most like Meredith Gray of Grey's Anatomy! You're a very sentimental person with a deep empathy for others. You don't have a cold or bitter bone in your body.