Which Wordplay Best Describes You?

1. Which of the following do you like to have for breakfast?
Which of the following do you like to have for breakfast? Chocolate Croissant Waffles Coffee Nothing

Here are all the results with descriptions

Maybe you aren't specifically a breakfast person and maybe lunch isn't your thing, but when you slam them together - yes! You can do Brunch! Brunch means you love the aspects of being a morning person (coffee, sunrise, exercise) but can't quite get up early enough to enjoy them in the morning!

Addicted to chocolate you are! You will pretty much have chocolate with anything - including steak and white wine (you savage...). No matter the time of day, chocolate is the perfect pick-me-up for you! What this says about you is that you are sweet (sometimes bittersweet) and loved by the masses!

A fun blend of electronic and biology - you are essentially a living machine! Whether it is exercise or mental fortitude, you know how to push yourself to the limits and beyond. Don't be surprised if someone asks you if you are half machine!

Formed by smashing together glamour and Ritz, you are the epitome of posh and elegance. You know how to dress to impress and entertain groups with your presence. You illuminate gatherings and add the element of frivolity to any event!

Combined from Chill and Relax, Chillax is the description of a person who knows how to keep it low-key. You are great at keeping things relaxed and the best person to talk to when a secret must be kept. You don't need glitz and glamour to have a good time with your friends, you guys know how to "chill" and still enjoy eachother's company.