What Is Your Dominant Sense?

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Your dominant sense is sight. You tend to be a very visual person, often seeing things for what they are rather than what they could be. You learn in a very visual manner and intake information through sight rather than sound. You have a photographic memory, which can allow you to be a great and compelling storyteller!

Your dominant sense is smell. For you, nothing can conjure up a memory or make a moment more meaningful than the right smell. Whether it's the smell of a crackling bonfire or a waft of fresh cut grace, smell has the ability to both transform you and transport you.

Your dominant sense is taste! For you, life is all about tasting great foods and having good meals. You tend to savor the things you eat, just like you savor every moment you've been given in life. When you taste something familiar, you can't help but be transported back to the memories of when you took your first bite.

Your dominant sense is hearing! Not only does music and sound have the ability to completely alter your mood, but you tend to learn best through listening to speeches, lectures, audiobooks, and music. You're a very intelligent and vibrant person who believes that sound has the ability to transform.

Your dominant sense is touch! Not only is your dominant sense touch, but this is also your love language. You emote through touch, give back through touch, and convey your feelings through touch. You're a very tactile person who loves soft and cozy fabrics. You'll always choose a soft cashmere sweater over a wool one any day, simply for the way it feels.