Which Celtic Symbol Are You?

The Celts used symbols designed in interwoven links as thought reminders, messages, and talismans. Which is yours?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Spiral Knot
The overarching theme of the spiral knot is growth throughout eternal life. Its one continuous line represents movement and growth through whatever your path is, whether it be birth/life/death, spirit/mind/body, or past/present/future.

Dara Knot
Based on the strong roots of the oak tree, the Dara represents strength. It is used as either a reminder of your inherent strength and divine roots or as a talisman to give you strength and a connection to your divine inner resources.

Sailor's Knot
This knot symbolizes a unified, eternal bond through friendship or love. Celtic sailors used to work on them in their down time and send them to friends or sweethearts as keepsakes.

Shield Knot
This shield protected people from danger or illness. It was placed near the sick or worn by those who felt they were in either physical danger or needed protection from dangerous supernatural forces. Wear it for good vibes and renewed health!

The Trinity knot symbolizes the triune nature of deity. Some say Father/Son/Holy Spirit, while others say it predates Christianity and symbolizes the triune nature of other gods/goddesses or even spirituality in other ways, such as water, earth, and air, or spirit, mind, and body. This knot is a good token for anyone who ponders their spirituality and its role in their life.

St. Brigid's Cross
Brigid's cross may or may not predate St. Brigid of Ireland, but either way, the cross is thought to protect the inhabitants of a home from fire, hunger, and evil, and protects the land, nature, and animals. Both Brigid the goddess and Brigid the saint represent female capability, equality, and power, making this a good symbol for women who are or want to be empowered.