Are You Ready To Propose?

Wondering if you're actually ready to take the plunge? Find out if you're ready to propose right here!

Tags: Engagement, Relationship

3. Have you even looked at rings?
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Have Already Decided--Why Are You Here?!
Why? You already purchased a ring or know which one to buy. You've seen it. You've held it. You basically already know this is the person for you. You even live with this person or spend a lot of time 'playing house'! You don't need anyone's verification anymore. Go propose! You're clearly in love.

Are Totally Ready!
You're so ready that it's a miracle you haven't gotten a ring yet! You probably need to do some research or ask someone for some advice on the ring. Other than that, your finances are in order; your feelings are intact; and you're totally ready to get married. This is someone you have the most honest of feelings for. Best of luck!

Are Not Quite Ready Yet!
Nope! But close. Maybe you're just not financially secure yet, despite having saved up prior to your job falling through. Or perhaps you're just unsure of where to move together. Maybe you're waiting for the right time and it's never arriving. There was a medical emergency. You get the idea! Maybe figure out what's missing, fix it, and then retake the quiz?

Are Far From Ready!
OK, you're really in no condition to be getting married. Either you're too young or too unstable; your relationship isn't meant to last; or your finances are all out of whack. It can be anything, but it's certainly enough to know you're far from ready to propose to anyone. Maybe focus on yourself for a while?