Which Star Constellation Are You?

Do you love astronomy? Astrology? Then this quiz is for you! Find out which constellation you are now!


2. What kind of books are you most interested in reading?
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3. You're on a solo camping trip in the woods. What would be your greatest fear?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

Ursa Major, The Great Bear
In Greek mythology, Callisto was a young nymph that was turned into a bear by Zeus's wife, Hera. You are strong and passionate, and will fight for what is right at any cost. Your bravery knows no bounds, and you enjoy spending time with family and good friends above anything else.

You are Centaurus, one of the largest constellations in the sky. In Greek mythology, Chiron was the leader of the aggressive, warmongering half-man, half-horse army of Centaurs. In stark contrast to his peers, Chiron was wise, kind and gentle, a fantastic leader, and a humanitarian. Just like you!

Orion, The Hunter
In Greek mythology, Orion was an enormous hunter that Zeus placed into the sky as a giant constellation of stars for all of eternity. You are a brave, strong warrior, ready to help out your friends whenever necessary.

You are Virgo, the constellation of stars in the sky resembling the goddess of wheat and agriculture. You are intelligent, well grounded, and polite. You tend to be somewhat critical of others, but that's only because you're extremely critical of yourself. A true perfectionist, you always strive to do your best in all areas of your life.

You are Scorpius, the scorpion in the sky. You are fearless and intense, and can sometimes be vindictive. You love secrets and mysteries, and can count the people that you truly trust on just one hand. You are very ambitious and power-seeking, and will do almost anything to get what you want.

Cygnus, The Northern Cross
As Cygnus, you are a caring, considerate individual that shares a special bond with many people. According to the myth, Cygnus was the brother of Phaethon, who was killed by Zeus as he drove a chariot into the sun. Cygnus's grief was so intense that Zeus felt touched and placed him into the sky for all of eternity.