Which Famous Courtesan Are You?

What kind of courtesan would you be? Match your personality against some famous ladies of the night to find out now!

Tags: Female

1. Who do you think has the greatest influence in the modern world?
Celebrities Politicians Dictators Royalty Billionaires Artists

2. Your famous and influential lover has invited you to join him for the weekend. What kind of activities do you think he has in mind?
Horseback riding and archery Staging a mini theatrical show Playing cards and drinking whiskey Strategic political discussions A tete-a-tete over a romantic candlelit dinner A rowdy, bawdy masked ball

Here are all the results with descriptions

Sarah Bernhardt
Talented and unconventional, Sarah Bernhardt was unashamed to use her feminine wiles to gain funds to finance her dramatic lifestyle. Like Sarah, you are a master of self-promotion who is fully aware of your talents and uses them to your maximum advantage. Shrewd and independent, you refuse to bow to anyone's ideas of how you should behave, and your natural charisma allows you to indulge the desires of your wild side without judgment.

Nell Gwynn
Nell Gwynn was born in the streets, but she used her charm and talent to change her fortunes from a common prostitute to actress and then to mistress of King Charles II. Like Nell, you are a real life Cinderella with a practical streak. So what if your Prince Charming hasn't shown up yet? You'll take whatever (or whomever!) is available to pull yourself out of the ashes and turn your bad luck around. With a kindhearted nature and a wicked sense of humor, you face life with courage, dignity, and laughter.

La Malinche
You are a complex character, and others frequently misunderstand the depths of your personality. Like La Malinche, the indigenous mistress of Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes, you may find that you are pushed into the spotlight where your actions and decisions are open to judgment and gossip. Just remember that life is never fair, nor are decisions ever black or white. Trust yourself and what you believe in, and make the choice that is right for you regardless of what others might say.

Madame de Pompadour
The real life Madame de Pompadour reigned as chief courtesan in the French court of Louis VI, where she wielded power as the King's lover, adviser, and confidante. Like Madame de Pompadour, you are a strong, street-smart woman who is an expert at making sure you always come out on top. The phrase 'working the room' was made for you, and while you smile and chat, you are constantly summing up your competition and evaluating your next move. Whether you use your skills socially or in business, others will soon notice that you are a force to be reckoned with!

Mata Hari
You are a chameleon who hides behind layers of personality, and you can change your character as easily as others change their clothes. Born with the not exotic name of Margreet to affluent Dutch parents, Mata Hari played the roles of kindergarten teacher, military wife, Javanese princess, bareback rider, exotic dancer, seductress, mistress of millionaires and powerful men, and finally spy. Like Mata Hari, you know how to play the role of femme fatale and are unapologetic about doing what it takes to get what you want and what you deserve.

Lola Montes
You are proud and self-confident, sure of your abilities, and unafraid to step into a position of influence and power. Like Lola Montes, you believe that 'the ends justify the means,' and and if achieving your goals means telling a white lie here and there, well, you don't consider it a big deal. After all, you are resilient and confident in your ability to bounce back if things don't work out as you planned.