What Is Your Mental Age?

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Your mental age is 10! You are a complete child at heart. You love to have fun, goof around, and enjoy every part of life. You don't like to do anything you don't want to do.

Your mental age is 19! You enjoy hanging out with your friends and having fun. For the most part, you don't have any responsibilities. You may think you know what you're doing, but you have a lot to learn.

Your mental age is 35! You're in the prime of your life. You're exactly where you want to be in your career and personal life. Things are hectic and you constantly have something going on.

Your mental age is 57! Your kids are grown and having kids of their own. With an empty nest, it's finally time to relax and enjoy some peace. You still have a lot of life left to live, though!

Your mental age is 80! You're set in your ways and want things done a particular way. You've lived life and have the wisdom to prove it. Enjoy an early dinner and get to bed before 8:00!