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You are the iconic rose. With a love of passion and romance, you are an ultra feminine and old fashioned kind of gal. You value tradition, and tend to bring out the best in those around you. You seek to bring perfection and beauty into your life.

You are the cheerful and warm sunflower. You can brighten up any room just by entering. Your presence tends to put others at ease and creates a sense of optimism. You easily make friends due to your loving and compassionate nature.

You are the beautiful and exotic orchid. You are classy and sophisticated but love to create an air of mystery every now and gain. You have a small circle of close friends, who you value, and trust with your life. You are worldly and well cultured, with a taste for the finer things.

You are the beautiful and cheerful daisy. You are an adventurous outdoorsy type who loves and appreciates nature. As an optimistic person, you easily spread cheer and brighten the day of anyone you encounter. You are a loyal friend through and through.

You are the incredibly beautiful Iris. You are a creative and wild soul with a vast imagination. You crave new experiences and appreciate all of life's big adventures. Others may label you as a dreamer, but you see yourself as a creator.