Where Will You Live In 5 Years?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Ah, the west coast! You are going to end up soaking in the sun and good vibes of California. You are likely a relaxed and creative individual, who thrives off people of a similar nature. With all the beach culture and creative industries, you are going to do great things!

Everything is bigger and better in Texas! You are an introverted social butterfly who loves the diverse culture and city life that Texas has to offer. Love music and art? Try Austin! If you crave a more professional atmosphere, try Houston.

In five years you will end up in the gorgeous state of Maine! You are an independent and agreeable individual, who is self driven. You thrive in the winter months and love the peace that the season can bring.

You are going to end up in the quirky and beautiful state of Oregon! You are truly an individual spirit who marches to the beat of your own drum. You appreciate and thrive in nature, but you also thrive in a creative environment. Try Portland if you are a bit of an eccentric!

New York
You are going to end up in New York! New Yorkers are known for their strong, independent, and proud spirits. They are truly in love with their location and don't mind sharing that love with anyone who will listen. New Yorkers are driven and strive for the best.