What Are Your Two Best Qualities?

1. Pick a word to describe you best.
Pick a word to describe you best. Creative Kind Smart Honest

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Honesty and Integrity
Honesty and integrity is something you value highly. You make sure to tell the truth especially if it conflicts with your morals.

Kindness and Compassion
If anyone ever needs a shoulder to cry on or help with something, they know they can turn to you without fear of judgment. You make people easily feel loved for.

Knowledge and Wit
You have a quick tounge with the smarts to back it up. You know your facts and if someone tries to argue with you, your quick comebacks will put them in their place.

Creativity and Spontaneity
You have a creative mind with wild ideas to back it up? You love doing things as soon as you think of them and with your creativity, you won't get bored easily.