Can We Guess Your Secret Obsession?

1. How do you typically spend your Friday nights?
How do you typically spend your Friday nights? Relaxing at home Going out Shopping

2. What do you look for in the opposite sex?
What do you look for in the opposite sex? Someone who smells good Someone caring Someone funny

Here are all the results with descriptions

You're obsessed with buying lotions and perfumes. Your friends are constantly finding you at different stores buying more even though you have a huge collection at home. It's to the point where you're running out of space for all the bottles and containers. There's no harm in loving to feel and smell good!

You're obsessed with animals! You're sensitive and care deeply for all living things. You try to protect those who cannot protect themselves. You love dogs, cats, elephants, zebras, fish, and everything in between. You have lots of pets and wish you could own even more!

You're obsessed with TV! You enjoy being wrapped up in the drama of reality shows, the laughs of a sitcom, the intense story lines of a good drama. The television is always on in the background and everyone knows you can't miss your shows!

You're obsessed with reading! You love taking time for yourself and being whisked away to other places. You enjoy being immersed in the different stories and rooting for the characters. You can spend hours getting lost in a book as it completely relaxes you.

You are obsessed with exercising! You love the high you get when you run or lift weights or whatever your vice is. Chances are you love it all. You're always on the move and turn any activity into a challenge. You care about your body and want to take care of it.