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Well Dressed
You are a fashion queen and people around you recognize that. When they refer to you, they always say "the one that dresses well". Take it as a compliment.

You're fun, outgoing, flirty and friendly, and people in your circles definitely notice that. Don't take this title as something negative - flirting is a fun activity and leads to many friendships, among else.

Your fashion sense, way of thinking and favorite hobbies clearly say you're old-fashioned. You shouldn't be embarrassed of that, but take it as a good think that you have built your own style.

You may think it has a negative meaning, but people call you laid-back because of your ability to go with the flow and ignore stress. You love relaxing and don't have time for ridiculous stressful situations with other people.

Whenever people see you, you seem like you have a lot going on and maybe your problems are the main topic. If that's the case, consider taking a break and reexamining your priorities. Don't let too much stress into your life.