What Is Your Mind Obsessed With?

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Your mind is obsessed with money. This isn't a negative trait. Perhaps you are worried about having enough, or you simply want to meet your money goals. Caring about money is not superficial, as it is something we all require. This is a common fixation.

Your mind is obsessed with love. Do you have a special someone on the mind or are you still seeking your one true love? Love is something we all think about on a day to day basis. Love makes the world go round. Giving it and receiving it are important to leading a happy life.

Your mind is currently obsessed with adventure. Maybe your stuck in a rut and are day dreaming of far away exotic lands. Or perhaps, you are a thrill seeker looking for your next extreme fix. Whatever the case may be, your mind is locked on the idea of setting out and trying something new.

Your mind is obsessed with fame. Let's face it, at one point or another we all consider what it would be like to ascertain fame. You're different in that fame is a goal and your mind is currently looking for ways to reach that goal. This is a great thing. Having big dreams is the only way to lead a truly big life!

You're mind is obsessed with work. Perhaps work is stressing you out or you've got a few deadlines coming up that you can't seem to stop thinking about. Work is something we all obsess about from time to time, but remember to think of fun things as well. All work and no play makes one a little less happy.