Which Beatles Song Are You?

1. Who is your favorite Beatle's member?
Who is your favorite Beatle's member? Paul George John Ringo

Here are all the results with descriptions

Here Comes the Sun
You are Here Comes The Sun. This happy and mellow Beatles song is a perfect fit for a laid back person like you. You truly embrace each new day and live it to the fullest, even when things might be a bit bleak.

Hey Jude
You are Hey Jude. Serious, melodious, and beautiful; you are warm and comforting just like this song. You might not always know the right thing to see, but that's okay because your presence speaks volumes.

Let It Be
You are Let It Be. Much like this iconic song, you are a source of strength when times are tough. Others come to you for comfort and advice. You are truly a rock to all of your friends and family.

All You Need Is Love
You are All You Need is Love. You are bright, effervescent, and giddy. Much like this song you know that there is only one that really matters in this life and that's love. You give love and take love equally.

Come Together
You are Come Together. You are an extrovert and truly a people person. You are passionate about your causes and are a leader rather than a follower. You never back down from a challenge and have no problem voicing your opinion when it matters.