What Kind Of Friend Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Rock
You are someone who is known as the solid foundation in the friendship. You and your friends have laid ground for a friendship that's unbreakable.

Shoulder To Cry On
No matter what the issue is, you are always there to listen do your friends. You listen without judgement and let them vent to their heart's content.

The Matriarch
You are known as the mom of the group. You are the type of friend to make sure your friends are fed or are warm. You are a affectionate and doting person.

Honest Confidant
You are someone who makes sure to always give the honest truth. You are the friend they go to when they need advice to help them make the right decisions.

Sensible Mentor
You help inspire your friends to reach their dreams. When they are feeling down, you are able to guide them through it and help boost their self-confidence