Can We Guess What You Look Like?

1. What's your hair color?
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2. How old are you?
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3. What is your eye color?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

Your eyes are the most striking feature on you yet you probably don't get complimented on them enough. While your eyes may be sultry, your lips tell of a sweet yet subtle smile.

Jennifer Aniston
You have a sweet and innocent look about you that really shows of your greatest feature which is your smile. You have a smile that just makes others want to smile with you.

Courtney Cox
You have a look about you that's a bit mysterious as you can never tell what you're thinking. Your sultry eyes and subtle smile just enhance the mystery.

Molly Ringwald
Your bright red hair and cute smile really makes you stand out. You have a unique beauty about you that everyone just envies.

Angelina Jolie
You are definitely a beauty that others are envious. You have a sultry gaze and big full lips that just make you look very sultry and classy at the same time.