What Does 2016 Have In Store For You?

1. Are you currently happy in your job?
Are you currently happy in your job? Absolutely No way I'm somewhat happy

3. Have you made any new friends in the past year?
Have you made any new friends in the past year? Yes lots of them No not really A few here and there ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

A Better Paying Job
2016 is going to bring you a better paying job! You've put in the long hours at work, given your all, and have paid your dues. This year, it's all going to pay off. Not only are you finally going to be satisfied in your career, but you'll be making enough money to be financially comfortable as well.

A Thriving Social Life
2016 is going to bring you a thriving social life! There have been so many times in your life where you've felt isolated and out of the loop. This year, things are going to change. You're going to meet a solid group of friends that include you in on everything. From group dinners to movie night, you're going to have an amazing social life!

An Amazing Romance
2016 will bring you an amazing romance! Whether you are in a committed relationship or not, 2016 is going to bring it in the love department. If you're single, you'll finally meet your perfect person. If you're in a relationship, things are going to heat up and go to the next level.

Good Health And Wellness
2016 will bring you good health and wellness! The past few years may have been marred with health worries and problems, but 2016 will put that all in the past. This year, you will feel good, look good, and enjoy the contentment that comes with feeling healthy.

Peace And Contentment
2016 will bring you peace and contentment! The past few years have felt like a battle of ups and downs. This year will be different. Life will remain calm, easy, and free of worry. You will finally be able to enjoy all of the gifts you've been given and revel in the present, rather than worrying about the future or the past.