How Well Do You Know Your Movie Villains?

Test your knowledge of the most famous movie evildoers with our fun quiz!

Tags: Movie, Villain, Character

1. We'll start with an easy one. Who is the evil genius that tries to outwit Superman?
Gary Callahan Sinestro Norman Osborn Lex Luthor Doctor Doom

3. Who is the serial killer in 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'?
Freddie Wilder Freddy Krueger Ronnie Biggs Keyser Soze Hannibal Lecter ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Good Guy
You suck at evil! With results this low, we're betting you close your eyes in fear every time a scary character shows up on screen! Seriously, have you ever even paid attention to the antiheroes and villains that make the action and suspense happen? Next time you watch a movie, give evil a chance and pay attention to the brilliance of the dark side! It's all about balance, right? Without darkness, how would we know when someone turns on a light?!

An Antihero
Your movie-villain knowledge is at the antihero mark. You know the character that is sort of bad but not really? Yeah, that's you! You might say you're a fan of movie villains, but your results show that you are firmly on the side of the heroes. Sure, we're supposed to look up to the good guys and cheer when they win the day, but there wouldn't be any day to save if it weren't for the Lex Luthors, Darth Vaders, and Jokers that bring on the darkness in the first place. We suggest you sit down and rewatch some classic 'good vs. bad' movies and, this time, pay attention to the really awesome evil masterminds that create the action!

An Evil Apprentice
Great job, Igor! You're not an evil mastermind, but you show promise. We suggest you hole up for a few weekends and enjoy some bad-guy binge-watching in the name of research! Then come back and retake the test. You'll be a villainous genius in no time!

A Mischievous Miscreant
Not bad! You missed a few questions, but you still know your movie villains better than most people. We recommend a course of late-night movie-binging to increase your understanding of the true essence of evil. So keep watching and keep learning! Pretty soon you'll be an evil mastermind! Both the bad and the good have made a careful study of the greatest movie villains in you.

An Evil Mastermind
Wow! Your knowledge of movie villains is pretty darn spectacular! We can tell you're not just a casual moviegoer who barely notices the bad guys, but an evil connoisseur who pays attention to every move the dark side makes. So keep watching...and keep learning. Pretty soon you'll be a villainous genius to rival the greatest movie-trivia masterminds out there!

A Villainous Genius
We're impressed! Your knowledge of movie villains is larger than Megamind's expanded brain! Congratulations, we're pretty sure there's not a movie villain out there that you don't know about. But don't worry...horror never dies, and there's always a new evil lurking in the shadows, just waiting for a chance to make its debut in the dark of a midnight movie theater!