Can We Guess The Region You Were Born In?

1. What do you call a carbonated soft drink?
What do you call a carbonated soft drink? Pop Soda Coke

2. What burger joint sounds good right now?
What burger joint sounds good right now? Whataburger Wendy's In-N-Out Five Guys Fat Burger

Here are all the results with descriptions

You're a sophisticated and urban individual who's always up for a little fun. While you may be classy and intellectual, you know exactly how to party. You are fast on your toes and tend to come up with quick remarks. You know exactly what you want from life and how to get there.

You're a warm and compassionate person who's pretty big on tradition. You're very connected to your roots and you're very protective and loyal to your family. You respect the people who share your values and ideals.

You're a fun-loving individual who's always looking for an adventure. You're pretty carefree in life and tend to look at the big picture rather than the small details. You love to relax and explore the world around you. You want to see all that life has to offer you.

You are the very heart of your friends and family. You're a compassionate and nurturing person who will do anything to help others in need. You're a very family-oriented person and you have a strong sense of tradition.

You're definitely an individual with a laid-back attitude. You are a pretty confident person who has no trouble commanding attention when it's needed. You're well loved among friends and you usually capture the hearts of all those around you.