What Is Your French Name?

Find out the perfect French name for you by taking this fun quiz!

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1. Do you get mad easily?
Yes No

2. Do you mind breaking someone's heart?
Yes No

3. How would your friends describe you?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

Lola is a name of sorrow. You are good at sharing the sorrows of others, and you know how to cope with difficult situations. You are truly a Lola!

Jade is the name of a precious stone. You too may seem fragile and precious on the outside, but you are extremely strong and able to take care of yourself when push comes to shove. You are a Jade!

Clara is the name of someone who is bright, beautiful, and clear. You are an honest person, and your beauty is not just skin deep. Your bright personality makes you a joy to be around. You are a perfect Clara!

Zoe is the name of life. You bring life to all situations. You have energy and enthusiasm, and even the toughest of times can't get you down. You are a wonderful Zoe!

Camille is a warrior name. You are strong, powerful, and brave. You don't allow yourself, or the people you love, to get taken advantage of in any situation. You are an amazing Camille.

Chloe, literally meaning 'green shoot,' is Mother Nature's name. You are nurturing and caring. You help others to flourish and grow. You care more about the people in your life than you do about your own wants and needs. You are a sweet and kind Chloe!