What Is Your Secret Weapon?

1. What were you like growing up?
What were you like growing up? Shy Curious Adventurous Responsible Other

2. Would you say you're an intuitive person?
Would you say you're an intuitive person? Definitely I can be every once in awhile I wouldn't say I am

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your Heart
You're an empathetic and intuitive individual who's good at reading others. You only need to take a quick glance at someone before you know exactly how they feel. Your heart is the center for your emotions and passion and you use that to get far in life.

Your Mind
You're an analytical and observant person who views the world through a rather intelligent set of eyes. You value fact and evidence more than emotion and feelings. You don't accept anything in life without concrete evidence and support.

Your Body
You're a strong and active individual who strives to accomplish great things in life. You're not afraid to take risks and will do anything to get where you're suppose to be in life. You're great at also sympathizing with others and providing them comfort.

Your Soul
You are drawn to the world and all that it represents. You're a rather innocent person who's very intuitive to your surroundings. You have a power that influences and inspires the people around you to do good. You follow your gut instinct before choosing what's right in life.

Your Sight
You're always observing the world around you and seeing how it moves and inspires you. You view humanity and determine its potential. The eyes are the window to the soul and you use yours well.