Who Are You Based On Your Pizza Preference?

1. When's the best time to have pizza?
When's the best time to have pizza? Anytime Dinner Lunch Breakfast During snack time

3. Do you ever eat your crust?
Do you ever eat your crust? All the time Sometimes No I don't ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

You're Simple
You're a rather simple person who loves to keep traditional. You don't like try too many new things, especially when it comes to pizza. You know what you like in life and you rarely stray from the comfort of your choices.

You're Unique
You like to try different things in life and you're not one for sticking to simple and traditional things. You prefer to stand out from the crowd and show off you're individuality. Your personality shows in your offbeat pizza choices.

You're Adventurous
You're always willing to try something new and different, even if it's risky. You don't like playing it safe and you rather try something new and surprise yourself. You're always changing up your pizza choices and getting different things.

You Keep To Yourself
You don't like to put yourself in the spotlight and you'd rather just keep to yourself. You like to be alone and just relax instead of going out with people. You feel most comfortable ordering pizza in and just watching a movie.

You Like The Spotlight
You prefer to stay in the spotlight rather than hide from the crowd. You're always out and about chatting up new people. When you eat pizza, you usually it at a bar or something surrounded by friends.