What Snack Reflects Your Personality?

1. Where is your favorite place to go to eat your favorite snack?
Where is your favorite place to go to eat your favorite snack? My bedroom Kitchen Restaurant Watching a good movie Anywhere

2. What is your favorite flavor?
What is your favorite flavor? Chocolate Strawberry Orange Anything salty Grape

Here are all the results with descriptions

Who doesn’t like chocolate? You’re passionate and caring and a good friend. People come to you for advice because they know they can vent, have some chocolates and leave feeling better about themselves.

Ice Cream
Ice cream is delicious! You’re adventurous and you love variety! You love the outdoors and people love to be around you. You’re a bunch of fun!

You love a good time and look forward to a celebration! You find any reason to throw a party because you’re almost always the life of the party.

Pop Corn
You don’t like to be overwhelmed and like to take things step-by-step. You don’t rush into decisions and always think things through. You can be picky at times but it’s just to protect your heart.

Chips & Dip
You like to attend events especially if it’s sports related. You are hard to please and can be demanding at times but deep down inside, you're a cool person!