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Dalai Lama
You are the epitome of open minded and tolerant. In fact you may even be the Dalai Lama!

Open Minded... To A Point
You are open to a diverse range of people, however when it comes to your close circle you may find diversity is lacking.

Most Comfortable With Your Own Tribe
Although you are more than willing to interact with all the tribes, you are most comfortable with those who believe as you do or those that are most like you. It is not in your nature to entertain opposing beliefs or lifestyles to your own.

You are rooted in your beliefs, however you understand the need to navigate through the diverse world in which we live, thus you take the high road. You treat everyone with kindness and respect, although you may not be comfortable with their lifestyle choice or belief system.

You are the least tolerant of them all, and you know it. In fact, you probably live in a rural, isolated place and that is just fine with you. Your motto is, "the world is going to hell in a hand basket."