Which Color Leaf Reflects Your Personality?

1. What is your favorite season?
What is your favorite season? Autumn Winter Spring Summer

2. Do you like the cold?
Do you like the cold? Yes No

3. Do you like being outdoors?
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Here are all the results with descriptions

Orange Leaf
You have a warmth and openness about your personality that just draws others to you. You're a friendly and good-natured individual and you have no problem being social with others.

Red Leaf
You're a courageous and extroverted individual who's not afraid to speak their mind. You absolutely love to be the center of attention and you have no problems being loud and bold.

You're a well-rounded and balanced individual who seeks harmony in the world around you. You're a patient and compassionate person who deals with problems quite well.

Black Leaf
You're an independent and determined person who doesn't rely on others for reassurance. You like to be in control of situations and you're definitely a leader more than a follower in life.

You're a down-to-earth individual who's completely honest and trusting. You have a level head and you know where you're heading in life. You're patient with things in your life because you know they'll lead you to where you eventually want to go.