How Normal Are You?

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Average Joe
You are pretty much an average Joe and thats ok. Mainstream gets a bad wrap. You may be average but your pretty reliable and are able to relate to the ordinary world, less prone to extreme emotional melt downs. You're a WYSIWIG, what-you-see-is-what-you-get.

Wild Card
You are somewhat ordinary, but once and a while you come up with something from left field, like deciding to attend Burning Man or skydiving. It's like once and a blue moon the ordinariness of life just gets to you and you have to turn it on its head to get a different perspective and then you go back to plodding along like the average Joe.

Outside The Lines
You are open to the possibilities and quite often taking stock of the hidden ones. People live vicariously through you because you dare to attempt what others can only wish to think of.

Bunny Trapped In A Human's Body
You are a fill-in-the-blank trapped in a human's body. Whatever the blank is, you don't relate with humans too well and the average Joe doesn't get you. You need to connect with your fellow bunny in order to understand your purpose and place in the universe.

What Universe Are You From?
You are not put off by the fact that you are drawn to the unusual even though others might be put off by predilection to travel to other universe's. It's just who you are and because of your lack of need to impress the average Joe, you just may be the one to discover a metaphorical new universe.