How Strange Are You?

1. Do people have a hard time figuring you out?
Do people have a hard time figuring you out? All the time Sometimes Not really

Here are all the results with descriptions

Incredibly Strange
You are an incredibly strange person. People just can't quite figure you at and you like it that way. You'd rather express your individuality than be normal.

Interestingly Strange
You have a very interesting personality to you. You're very strange but people can't figure out if that's a good thing or bad thing about you.

Uniquely Strange
You have a unique personality about you that others can't help but love. You stand out in a strange way but one that's well-loved.

Not Too Strange
You're someone that prefers to have normalcy in your life. You don't mind if there is a bit of weirdness to your life but you prefer simple things in life.

Not Strange At All
You're not a strange person at all. You have no hobbies or interests that would weird people out and you're kind of proud of that. You like normalcy in your life.