What Does The Color Of Your Eyes Say About Your Personality?

Can the color of your eyes determine what kind of personality you have?

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You are the life of the party! Everyone loves to see you walk through the door. They know you will bring the fun and laughter. You control the energy and mood of the entire room. Your outgoing personality makes you popular among both friends and strangers. You are always ready to find and have fun. People wish they could be as outgoing as you. Awesome!

You have a mix of both outgoing and shy personality traits, but you prefer the excitement to the quiet most of the time. You know when to turn on the charm and when to retreat to the shadows. You're perfectly comfortable moving between both worlds but would rather be where the action is instead of hiding from the world.

When it comes to interacting with others, you're a bit of a chameleon. You are perfectly okay no matter what situation you find yourself in, whether it is out with friends or staying inside with a warm cup of cocoa and a book. You're confident enough in yourself that you don't need to force yourself into uncomfortable social situations. This is a great balance to have.

You are somewhat of a loner, but you are A-OK with this. You know when it is time to put on your best face and outfit, and go out and mingle with the world. You won't make a spectacle of yourself, but you know how and when to engage with others. As much as you would prefer to stay at home, curled up with a nice book or watching your favorite TV show, you know life is 'out there' and you must participate in it anyway.

A mysterious person you are! You are reserved and cautious in how you interact with others. You prefer the company of your closest friends but can grow bored of the same routine rather quickly. That's when you decide to go out and join the world again, until you've had your fill of others and want to go back to the safety of your home.