Which Scientific Invention Are You?

Which science invention is the most important one? How do you fit into that importance? Find out now!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

The Airplane
You hate being tied down to anything. You often wonder if you can just 'take off' and go on an adventure to parts unknown. You have a free spirit and don't pay attention to limits. The world is open to exploration--get to it!

You're a healer. People come to you whenever they need an emotional boost. You're happiest when those around you feel better because they know you care.

You're very tuned in to your surroundings and your people. You can always sense when something is 'off' or 'doesn't feel right' to you. You zero in on problems right away and then do what you need to do to fix them.

You're tied to memories and memorable occasions--whether with friends or family members. You keep these memories locked away in a safe place so you can take them out and reminisce anytime you want. For you, those memories remain as fresh as the day they occurred.

The Internal Combustion Engine
You're fiery and full of passion! You don't mind getting things cooking. Whether you're in the kitchen, whipping up your favorite meal, or having an animated conversation with friends, it is obvious that you love to bring the heat!

The Computer
Quick thinking, you can easily talk yourself out of anything. You are very analytical and try not to make any decisions before thinking things through. Your memory is sharp, and you're able to recall names and faces with very little trouble.